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For Sale. Desa ParkCity

Zenia Garden Condo






Built-up Size:

1,087 sqft



Property Type:







A Home, A Garden, and So Much More!

Zenia Garden Condo:

Besides having cosy elevated garden decks, it also features great landscaping, enriching the lives of residents with better air quality. With a short drive or a relaxing walk, residents will be able to get to The Waterfront to get their banking, groceries and eats. Further away would be Plaza Arkadia with even more options.

In 2009, Zenia was the winner of the Institute Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM). This award is usually given to landscape designs which not only make the area more livable for humans, it also in a way protect the natural environment.

- Unique Kitchen Design allowing for a full view of the dining and living area

- Kitchen Island table as a room divider

- Laminated wood flooring

- Fully tiled bathroom for easy maintenance

Desa Park City (DPC) for the family:

- DPC has a variety of clinics and pharmacies.

- DPC also has ParkCity Medical Centre

- List of schools includes: International School @ Parkcity and SJK(C) Kepong 3.

- For pet owners, DPC has over 3 pet grooming & care centres

- DPC is easily accessible via DUKE Highway, NKVE, LDP and the Sprint Expressway


Zenia Garden Condo:

除了拥有舒适的高架花园平台外,它还拥有优美的景观,更好的空气质量。只需一小段车程或轻松步行,居民就可以前往 The Waterfront 办理银行业务、食品杂货和餐饮。更多选择的还有Plaza Arkadia。

Zenia 是马来西亚景观建筑师协会 (ILAM) 的2009 年的获胜者。该奖项通常授予景观设计,这些设计不仅使该地区更适合人类居住,也保护了自然环境。



- 层压地板


Desa Park City (DPC):

- DPC 拥有各种诊所和药房。

- DPC 也有 ParkCity 医疗中心

- 学校名单包括:国际学校@Parkcity 和SJK(C) Kepong 3

- 对于宠物主人,DPC 拥有超过 3 个宠物美容和护理中心

- DPC 可通过高速公路 DUKE、NKVE、LDP 和 Sprint Expressway 轻松抵达目地的。

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