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Explore Luxe Life at The Mansions, Desa ParkCity

Tucked away on a secluded hill, The Mansions,Desa ParkCity offer a private sanctuary right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. As you arrive, you're greeted by a truly iconic and incredibly stylish entrance. And let me tell you, the driveway? It's breathtaking! Surrounding the whole place are lush forest gullies and stunning landscaping, creating a true oasis amid the city buzz.

Now, let's talk about these parkhomes – They range from 400 to 646m² and redefine luxury living in Malaysia. Essentially super fancy terrace houses, The Mansions boast the priciest terrace houses in the country, currently fetching as high as RM9 million! Spread across a vast 7.9-hectare area, The Mansions feature 2½-, 3-, and 3½-storey Regal Parkhomes, all completed with meticulous attention to detail back in May 2014. It's seriously awe-inspiring.

Oh, and did I mention that The Mansions, Desa ParkCity won the FIABCI Malaysian Property Award 2015 for the Best Residential (Low-rise) Neighborhood? And in 2016, it was bestowed the prestigious FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Award in the same category. So, if you're in the market for a taste of luxury living, The Mansions is the place to be. And hey, they've been around since 2014, so you know they're the real deal.

Why Choose The Mansions Desa ParkCity? 

1. Prime Location:

Tucked away on a strategic hill right in Kuala Lumpur, you get the best of both worlds: nature vibes and city convenience. You're surrounded by lush greenery and forest gullies, giving you that peaceful retreat feel. But hey, you're not far from the action either. Need to hit up the mall or grab a bite to eat? No problem, everything's just a stone's throw away. And let's talk about those views! From your spot up on the hill, you've got the most epic views of the KL skyline. It's like living in a postcard, with twinkling city lights and stunning sunsets right on your doorstep. So if you're after that perfect blend of nature and city living, The Mansions, Desa ParkCity is where it's at!

2. Award-Winning Township:

Tucked away in the popular Desa ParkCity area, The Mansions is known for its awesome living spaces. It scored big at the FIABCI Malaysian Property Awards in 2015 and 2016, bagging prizes for being the Best Residential (Low-rise) Neighborhood. And hey, Desa ParkCity itself has won heaps of awards too, showing off its cool layout and all the awesome stuff it offers.

3. Resort-Like Amenities:

At The Mansions it's all about that cool resort vibe! A stunning infinity pool where you can chill and catch some rays with killer views, a super fancy gym with all the latest gear to keep you looking fab, and these awesome parks for laid-back strolls. But wait, there's more! How about outdoor spots for picnics, a rad suspended bridge with epic views, and chill water features everywhere? It's not just living; it's like being on a permanent vacay at The Mansions, Desa ParkCity!

4. Top-Notch Security:

Ensuring your peace of mind is paramount at The Mansions, Desa ParkCity, where security is taken seriously with round-the-clock measures in place to keep you safe. You can rest assured that your safety is always the top priority. Employing advanced technology, such as state-of-the-art motion detection systems, our dedicated team maintains a vigilant watch over the premises. Furthermore, 24/7 patrolling by trained security personnel ensures the safety of residents and their belongings. With these robust security measures in place, you can relax knowing that safety is of the utmost importance to us.

Why is The Mansions Desa ParkCity A Smart Real Estate Investment?

Over the past two years, The Mansions at Desa ParkCity have really stood out in the market, with sale prices ranging between RM4.55 million and RM9 million. If you're considering renting, you're looking at monthly rates that span from approximately RM16,000 to RM23,000. What sets The Mansions apart isn't just the numbers, it's the experience. These homes sprawl across sizes from 4,376 sq ft to 7,218 sq ft, nestled on a hilltop and surrounded by nature. Living here means enjoying privacy, luxury, and a connection to the natural world right at your doorstep.

1. Market Trends and Demand

The luxury property market in Kuala Lumpur has shown resilience and a capacity for growth, driven by both local and international demand. While the global economic climate and local property market dynamics can influence market trends, premium properties like The Mansions tend to maintain their value over time due to their unique offerings and limited supply.

2. Rental Yield and Capital Appreciation

Properties in The Mansions have demonstrated a steady rental demand, appealing to expatriates and high-income local residents who seek a blend of luxury, comfort, and community living. This demand supports healthy rental yields. Furthermore, the limited availability of comparable luxury properties in such integrated developments bolsters the potential for capital appreciation over the long term, especially as Desa ParkCity continues to mature and develop.

3. Future Development and Infrastructure Improvements

Any future development and improvements in infrastructure within Desa ParkCity and its surrounding areas can further enhance the value of properties like The Mansions. Desa ParkCity's master plan focuses on creating a holistic living environment, and any additions or enhancements to local amenities, green spaces, and community services are likely to positively impact property values.

We've included a detailed graph showcasing essential data such as median price, price trends, rental yields, and more. Take a closer look below to gain deeper insights into the market trends and dynamics discussed in this piece.

Median Sales Price for terrace houses in Kuala Lumpur, Desa ParkCity & The Mansions

(Source: Brickz)

Median Sales Price PSF for terrace houses in Kuala Lumpur, Desa ParkCity & The Mansions

(Source: Brickz)

Current Rental Price Range for The Mansions @ Desa ParkCity

(Source: EdgeProp)

Investing in The Mansions @ Desa ParkCity presents a promising opportunity, with strong potential for both capital appreciation and rental income. However, as with any investment, potential buyers should conduct thorough research, consider market trends, and assess their financial goals and risk tolerance. Consulting with real estate professionals and financial advisors can also provide valuable insights tailored to individual investment strategies!

The Mansions | 3.5 Storey | For Sale RM7.8mil | 6,700 sq.ft | 5+2 Bedrooms | 8 Bathrooms

Indulge in expansive living spaces, perfect for family gatherings and entertaining, spread across three thoughtfully crafted levels. Elevate your lifestyle with premium amenities and sophisticated finishes adorning every corner of your three-story mansion, offering an unparalleled sense of luxury.

The Mansions | 3 Storey | For Sale RM8 mil | 6,084 sq.ft | 6+1 Bedrooms | 6 Bathrooms


You know, The Mansions Desa ParkCity isn't your run-of-the-mill residential development—it's a real gem! Nestled in a prime spot, part of an award-winning township, loaded with top-notch amenities, super tight security, and a community that's buzzing with life, it's like the ultimate luxury package deal right here in Kuala Lumpur. Whether you're on the hunt for your dream home or eyeing a savvy real estate investment, The Mansions has got you covered. Don't hesitate to reach out to DPC Homes today and let us help you turn your fancy living dreams into a sweet reality!


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